We are delighted to introduce Djemaï Confortes and Pavel Hug (Top Chef 2024 candidate), two passionate figures in the world of gastronomy.

Djemaï, immersed in the restaurant industry from a young age in his mother's establishment, began his apprenticeship at 18 in Barcelona, delving into the art of mixology. His love for travel, gastronomy, wines, and flavors took him across continents, subsequently enriching his experience in various Parisian restaurants. After exploring different roles and launching a catering service in Marseille, Djemaï successfully participated in the opening of Les Réformés on La Canebière, where he befriended Pavel, the head chef. Together, they decided to combine their skills to create an event catering service reflecting their vision. After taking over the management of a restaurant in Marseille, they realized their dream by launching their own business in 2024 and partnering with Mando, Victor, and Alex to manage a family restaurant of a mutual friend, Augustin, from the Cabarrus family.

As for Pavel, cooking initially appeared as a necessity rather than a passion. However, through a culinary apprenticeship, his vocation awakened, discovering that cooking was much more than just a job. After honing his skills alongside renowned chefs like Anne Sophie Pic and Pierre Gagnaire, Pavel decided to take on new challenges, including participating in the Top Chef competition to assess his level and share unique moments with other accomplished chefs. Pavel left behind the palace kitchens to embody a new generation of chefs, boldly exploring Mediterranean flavors with creativity, with a penchant for citrus, vinegars, and spices.